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Historical, Residential, Environmental & Commercial Work

Admiral Building Movers specializes in moving, raising, shoring, and leveling wooden structures of all kinds, including post and beam, balloon, and conventional structures.

A Few Examples for Raising, Leveling, & Shoring Your Building:

  • Raise to Repair or Replace Old Foundations
  • Raise to Clean up Environmental Hazards (Ex: Oil or Gas Spills/Leaks)
  • Raise to Turn Crawl Spaces into Living Spaces
  • Lift Your Home above the Water Table
  • Raise to Add Another Level on the Existing Foundation
Wooden Old House - Building Movers in Goffstown, NH

A Few Examples for Moving Your House Or Building:

Move on Site to: Subdivide Your Property
• Facilitate Property Lines
• Get Further Away from the Road for Aesthetic or Safety Reasons

Moving Building down the Road:

• Because of Expanding Commercial Areas in Town
• To Preserve Historic Buildings
• If You Have the Opportunity for a Free Building & Have a Lot Nearby

Progression Pictures

New home that needs to be moved across street because lot was too small — services in Goffstown, NH
House at it's new location - services in Goffstown, NH
House rolled off existing foundation — services in Goffstown, NH
House set on cribbing so the new foundation can be installed — services in Goffstown, NH
House rolled back over cellar hole so that the corners can be plumbed for the new foundation — services in Goffstown, NH
Finished product, rolled back on new foundation — services in Goffstown, NH
Moved house and barn in two sections 200' on site — services in Goffstown, NH
under construction — services in Goffstown, NH
Sections being reattached — services in Goffstown, NH
Pouring a new foundation under the house — services in Goffstown, NH